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By this time, the colonial interests of the Western powers to India began to emerge. Along with this, the international

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The point is that Hindu doctors bear the brunt of a seriously ill patient.   In Hindu medicine, when examining a patient,

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   Puerperess advised to maintain maximum purity. In the first days after birth, eat rice broth and only gradually move on

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Tubular instruments with one or two holes, catheters, mirrors, and probes used in the study of foreign bodies and narrowings

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   There was a strict prescription not to eat any spoiled food. In this place it is mentioned that it is

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   Further, the Hindu says that not only the lack of vitality, but also its excess, which is not used rationally

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Rich people who evade payment for medical care were severely punished, even depriving them of all their property. Viagra reduces

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   If during such trips local residents asked for help in case of illness, they were never denied such a request.

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   Meat food was considered to be conducive to the coarsening of a person, so a young man who chooses the

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   When choosing students, the teacher very strictly ensured that they had mental abilities that meet the requirements of Indian medicine