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   In the Middle Ages, the most prominent figure appeared in the medical circles of the Islamic world – a doctor,

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‹…› Music was used in the healing department at the temples for the treatment of nervous disorders. ‹…› They (Egyptians.

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A more thorough study of their bas-reliefs, which depict scenes that took place in the medical halls of various churches,

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‹…› Rheumatism, gout, dropsy, and many other diseases are often caused by such accumulation of unclean or excess substances, and

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   Other refined products include vegetable oils and sugar. Canadian nutritionists [56] D. Yudkin and R.H. Hall believe that “refined sugar

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‹…› In science of nutrition, very little scientific power is concentrated, and medicine often mixes the science of nutrition with

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Back in the 1960s, the statistics on the spread of psychosis in the United States made doctors sound the alarm

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   And one more circumstance makes the doctors sound the alarm. According to the World Health Organization, the fourth place in

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P. Lisitsyn: “Medicine is the medical science and practice of treating diseases” [49]. Passo a Passo Flor de Croche    For

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Ways of solving this task are provided by the comprehensive Living Ethics Doctrine. This Doctrine contains a holistic picture of