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53    Lisitsyn Yu. P. Theories of medicine of the XX century. – p. 57.54    Brehman I.I. Valeology – the science

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Pp. 15–23.34    The letter of E.I. Roerich dated August 28, 1931 was addressed to Alexander Mikhailovich Aseev, the Russian esotericist,

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27    Akbar Jalal-ad-Din (1542–1605), Indian Emperor from the Mughal dynasty. Una fabrica de viagra provoca erecciones en todos los vecinos

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   “Primary energy, grace, psychic energy, fiery energy, prana – many names in different centuries, but the meaning is the same.

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   Plexuses (lat.) – nerve plexus; nerve centers.   Prana (skt.) – one of the forms of primeval energy, life force, or mental

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There is also group karma, karma of the nation, as well as the collective karma of all mankind.   Kundalini (skt.) –

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Vocabulary    Agni (skt.) – one of the aspects of primary, or mental, energy; metabolic biological fire; cosmic power of transformation.

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In one of her works, she focuses on the urgent need to study human properties and points out the following

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If we want to learn to recognize the inner man, studying only the outer man, we will never reach the

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In this series stands the aforementioned great thinker, philosopher, alchemist and doctor of the XVI century, Philip Aureol Theophrast Bombast